Anker Powerhouse Charger: My Life with The Brick

It’s a smartphone charger AND a back workout!

Meet The Brick.

According to my Amazon order history, I’ve been a fan of Anker products for at least six years. My first foray was buying their Lightning cables. Not only were they cheaper than Apple’s, but they seemed to last longer and charge faster. I then discovered their five-port USB charger, of which I now have several scattered around my home.

One day these cords will all come to life and kill me in my sleep. I just know it.

Realizing I needed portable power, I bought — and fell in love with — the Anker Powercore II. A slim charger with two USB ports, this extremely portable number can recharge your phone several times before it needs a recharge.

The Powercore is good. Too good. It’s so good that my kids — who seemt o have never heard of the concept of a “wall charger” — stole it out from under me. Before I knew it, “my battery” had become “the family battery”.

Lugging Around the Brick

So I went hunting for a new Anker charger. I was just about to buy another Powercore when I stumbled across…The Powerhouse 100.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: This sucker’s huge! Funny you should say that because, as it turns out, this isn’t even Anker’s largest portable charger. No, that honor appears to belong to the USD $699 Powerhouse II, an 18.3 lbs. monstrosity with 2 AC outlets and 6 USB ports that can charge your phone up to 55 times. Perfect for your next camping trip or an unexpectedly prolonged stay in your panic room.

For when five phone charges just aren’t enough. (Picture: Amazon)

While I may one day pop for this sucker, I decided that, for now, I’d give the Powerhouse 100 a try.

Let’s be clear: The Anker Powerhouse 100 charger is absolutely ridiculous. And I love it.

The Powerhouse 100 comes with two USB ports, a USB-C port, and a grounded AC port for charging larger devices such as a laptop. Anker claims you can eke out around 1.5 charges of a laptop such as a Macbook pro with this baby. (I haven’t put that to the test yet.) It should also give you between three to five charges on your iPhone. It also comes with a built-in flashlight — a nice feature when camping or enduring power outages.

Ports galore!

Define “Portable”

After spending several months with this thing, I’ve found it very useful. However, I don’t think it’s a strict replacement for a thinner, lighter battery like the Powerline.

The marketing photos for Anker show people walking around with this thing holding it by the strap. Let’s be real, folks: I’m not going out on a date or to a business dinner lugging this sucker around in my hand. I’d look like even more of a massive dork than I already am. For those occasions, I’d still like a charger that I can fit in my jeans or jacket pocket.

That said, I’ve found the Powerhouse 100 is very convenient when traveling. (Not that any of us are doing much of that right now but — bear with me here.) I can put it in my backpack and run a Lightning cable out to keep my phone charged on the go. It’s also useful for charging my laptop on airplanes, where AC outlets are either nonexistent or hard to access. (I’m looking at YOU, Delta.) Plus, it’s great for when you’re hanging with friends or family outdoors and multiple people want to keep their devices charged.

At USD $160, the Powerline 100 isn’t for the faint of heart. But for business travelers and other busy people on the go, it provides a plentiful and steady source of power for up to a full day.

Just don’t take it to a business dinner. Trust me — it doesn’t go well with your jacket.

Note: Links to Anker products are Amazon Affiliate links; I earn a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase.

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